Bulk tea bags that aren’t short on quality

It is a common myth that the tea that goes into teabags is lower quality than loose-leaf teas – usually. "Usually" because many companies do in fact source low-grade filler tea, blend it with teas that give a nice color but no flavor and bag it up. The result is a tasteless cup of tea. No thank you.

At Metropolitan, we do things differently
Our extensive experience in buying teas on the world markets, and commitment to purchasing peak seasonal teas only means our tea bag are rich, flavory and full bodied - in some cases, better than our competitors' loose teas!

An amazing selection of wholesale bulk tea bags Flavor Sealed for freshness
The same care that goes into preserving the freshness of our loose teas goes into our bulk tea-bag program.

  • Flavored black tea – more than 30 varieties!
  • Green tea
  • Single origin varietals
  • Herbal tea
  • CO2 decaf tea
  • Specialty blend tea
  • Organic tea

DIY custom labeling
By Special request, Metropolitan Tea can custom pack our bulk tea bags to your specifications. Contact one of our representatives for details. (Note, Metropolitan Tea cannot print custom labels.)

Pack it yourself
Use our tins and bags to create your own products. Simply break down the bulk bag and pack it yourself. It's simple and the margins are huge!

Learn more about our custom packing materials here

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