A smaller footprint

Leaving a small environmental footprint is something Metropolitan Tea takes very seriously.


  • Cardboard boxes - From time to time your shipment may arrive in boxes with odd, and/or foreign labeling. Whenever we can, we reuse the packing we receive from our suppliers. Over the course of a year, reusing boxes can save literally thousands of pounds of cardboard.

  • Metropolitan Tea embraces the discontinued use of traditional wooden tea chests. While tea chests have a storied and historical place in the world tea trade, they can only be used once, increase shipping weight and contribute to deforestation. (Helping the world’s forests is an important part of worldwide CO2 capture.)
  • Rather than using traditional packing foams, our packing is comprised of newsprint end cuts. This helps reduce waste and greenhouse emissions from foam production. If alternative packing is required we purchase 100% post-consumer waste packing filler.

Our North American factory recently underwent massive environmental renovations to reduce emissions
  • All space heaters were replaced with more effective radiant gas heaters.
  • Old windows were replaced with tinted Thermopane® windows that hold heat during winter and block heat during summer.
  • Existing light fixtures were replaced with high efficiency units.
  • Loading doors and dock levelers were replaced with insulated versions
  • Special heating and cooling zones were created using plastic sheeting so areas that don’t require climate controlling aren’t exhausting energy.

The measurable result of this renovation?
Our new facility, which is 3.5 times larger, uses the same energy to operate as our previous one.

  • Any scrap we receive in shipments, i.e. metal pallet strapping is sent for recycling.
  • Any carton or cardboard that cannot be reused is sent for recycling.
  • All office paper, bottles, tin cans, etc. are recycled regularly.

While we cannot guarantee that all our teas are pesticide free, we can assure that great steps are taken toward responsibly sourcing our products. In all cases, we insist that Minimum Residue Levels for pesticides, MRLs, fall below US, European Union or even Japanese standards, the most stringent in the industry.

Metropolitan has a broad range of in-stock organic teas for those who wish to avoid pesticides all together.

Metropolitan also carry teas from parts of the world that are traditionally pesticide free. In these cases garden elevation may negate pesticide need, as is the case of Darjeeling and the Kenyan highlands, or because geographic and financial reasons prohibit their use, as is the case in Tanzania.

For more information on how Metropolitan Tea works for a better environment, please call or contact us here.

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