Fair Treatment has been our mandate for almost 30 years

As part of this mandate, Metropolitan Tea does business with estates and suppliers that are Fair Trade certified wherever possible.

What is Fair Trade?
Fair Trade is an international movement that promotes increased standards of living for laborers in developing countries. The movement has a focus on export products and endeavors to ensure that a fair amount of profits remain in workers’ hands. Fair Trade also attempts to regulate environmental controls on industries in the developing world.

Fair Trade for the Tea industry
As of 2007, some estates are still beyond the scope of Fair Trade certifying bodies. In these cases, we do what we can to ensure that our suppliers adhere to fair practices for their own workers and any freehold tea growers who supply their factories.

In the world of tea, governance is accomplished primarily through the work of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The Ethical Tea Partnership is a tea industry initiative to regulate all facets of tea manufacture to ensure that ethical practices are adhered too. While Fair Trade deals with many different commodities, the ETP is 100% focused on tea and is quickly becoming a highly respected and trusted overseer. Learn more here.

Exceptional teas are not produced by a workforce under duress
Rather, they are produced by a healthy and fairly compensated workforce. One with a vested economic and social interest in their product In many cases this includes free schooling and medicare for children and family in addition to fair prices for fresh leaf. Doing business with only the top 10% of the world’s estates and making annual visits to our suppliers ensures this is always the case.

For a complete listing of our Fair Trade products please call or contact us here.

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