A world of great teas. A world of safe practices


From the garden to the cup, our many layers of quality control ensure a safe experience every time your customers drink teas.

Self Discipline
If we aren't 100% confident that we would serve our products to our own families we won’t sell them.

Further, if we felt we were not doing everything in our power to ensure the continued safety of our products, we wouldn't sell them either. Quite frankly, some things are more important than profit margins.

A commitment to safe agricultural practice
Metropolitan Tea takes an active role in ensuring that safe agricultural practices are maintained on all estates where our tea is grown.

We regularly review current standards of loose tea food safety and tea husbandry, especially with regard to agricultural input residue.

Food safety standards generally pertain to the US, Canada and Europe. As a matter of voluntary procedure, Metropolitan Tea adheres to European food safety standards, the world’s most stringent.

Safe Stainless Steel
Metropolitan uses 18/8 grade stainless steel exclusively in all metal products – infusers, strainers, teapots, etc.

18/8 grade is a food grade stainless steel approved by the USFDA (United States food and Drug Administration), EU (European Union) and the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

Unlike many lower grade stainless products, typically, but not limited to those found in dollar stores, 18/8 grade will not corrode when exposed to the Tannins found in loose tea. Corroded infusers or strainers may allow steel’s harmful properties to contaminate your tea.

Chemical free Natural flavorings
Our 100% natural flavorings are made from extracted oils. Chemical processes are never used in our teas. Apart from being better for you, natural oils impart a superior flavor with no chemical aftertaste.

Paper tea bags
We pack our tea bags in 100% recyclable paper tea bags. Other companies may carry pyramid tea bags made from plasticized mesh. Though they may have a pleasing aesthetic, recent research suggests that when heated, i.e. subjecting it to boiled water, plastic can release harmful toxins. As such, we recommend avoiding plastic mesh teabags. Plastic tea bags also pose a hazard to the enviroment.

Flavor Sealed for freshness
All of our teas and herbal teas are packed in special Flavor-Sealed bags to preserve garden freshness, protect flavor and guard against contaminants.

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