GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
since 2006

Protecting the suitability and safety of our tea products in the key to our success.

Our extensive GMP program outlines effective company policies and procedures for the following:
  • employee hygiene
  • hand washing
  • proper use and storage of clothing in our facility
  • use of appropriate footwear, headwear, equipment and utensils
  • employee health and injury status
  • regulated traffic flow throughout our facility
  • chemical usage (kept to a minimum)
  • identification of allergens and related controls and procedures (where appropriate)

All Metropolitan employees undertake thorough training to ensure understanding and competentence in all facets of our GMP program. Training is delivered on an ongoing basis.

All Metropolitan personnel follow personal practices to further prevent the contamination of our products:

On all production floors the following are prohibited:
  • eating
  • drinking
  • smoking
  • gum chewing
  • spitting, sneezing or coughing over tea or tea contact surfaces

Our GMP program is fully integrated with our HACCP program.

Annual audits – Metropolitan undergoes an annual audit to ensure that all GMP processes are in order and proper documentation is maintained.

Metropolitan Tea is GMP certified in good standing

Safe tea tastes better

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