Certified Organic tea – Take advantage of this growing segment of the tea trade

Metropolitan is a proud supplier of luxury organic teas
Why are we so proud? Organic teas are exceptionally rare, produced in small quantities and hard to come by. So it was no small task to amass the quantities and breadth of selection we have to offer.

We take great care in selecting our organic products
In all cases, our organic teas, tisanes, herbs and blending components have been certified by 3rd party certification bodies. To learn more about Metropolitan Tea’s certified organic program click here.


Organic Green teas
The purest greens on the planet. Our wide selection of organic green teas covers a large spectrum of styles, grades and growing regions. Annual visits to the organic gardens continue to impress with new developments in manufacturing technique.

Organic Black teas
Organic black tea production has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Our line of black organic teas includes many single origin teas, innovative blends and organic flavored specialties. As new estates achieve organic certification status our list will continue to grow. Stay tuned!

Organic White teas
As favorable a cup as your customers will ever get. White teas are reported to be incredibly high in polyphenols and antioxidants, ranking among the healthiest of all teas. These exceptionally rare teas produce a light liquoring, sweetish floral cup. Production is highly anticipated each spring and often fetches high prices at auction.

Organic Herbal teas
Our selection of organic herbals is as varied and diverse as the countries we source them from. Rooibos, dried flowers, peppermint, berry blends, Brazilian Mate…you name it, we’ve got it.

Hint: Keep customers coming back by creating your own signature Organic Herbal Blends.


NOP – National Organic Program
Metropolitan is currently well underway to achieving Certified Organic Handler status as part of our NOP certificate. The NOP was developed after the US Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act in 1990.

NOP compliance ensures that:
  • Organic teas and herbal products never come in contact with non-organic material
  • Organic teas and blends are comprised of pure organic ingredients
  • Regulated organic processes are followed in our facility by all employees

QMI Annual audits
NOP regulations require that our operations are certified and audited by a USDA accredited certifying company. Our annual organic audits are carried out by QMI, a systems management firm that oversees all aspects of our production process.

For further information please visit www.qmi.com

For further information on Metropolitan Tea's involvement with NOP click here.


All of our organic products not originating in North America have been certified by at least one of the following.

Ecocert – France
Ecocert is known for enforcing some of the world’s most stringent organic standards. The organization is regulated by the government of France, and is itself ISO 65 certified.

BCS – Germany
The mandate of BCS is to “facilitate respectable ecological/organic cultivation". The organization believes that proper supervision of the complete organic process from grower to consumer can be regulated without having a negative economical impact.

IMO (Institute for Market Ecology) – Switzerland
Fro more than 20 years the IMO has been one of the world’s most highly respected agencies for inspecting and certifying eco-friendly and organic products. The institute offers organic certification in accordance with European regulation Nr. 2092/91, the USDA and the Japanese Agricultural Standard.

SKAL – Netherlands
SKAL works to build trust between consumers and organic producers. The organization undertakes independent surveys of organic producers and offers site inspections and organic certification.

We take organics seriously. Learn more by requesting a wholesale catalogue. Please call or contact us here.

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