Company Information

    Metropolitan Tea's mission statement is:
    'To give people an unparalleled tea experience'

  • A company that is a Tea Manufacturer, Importer, Dealer, and Packer.
  • 27 years in the tea business with direct 'to tea garden dealings'.
  • Technology - we are pioneering with one of the world's top tea growers a method of maintaining specialty tea quality.
  • We do not sell to grocery stores, discounters, box stores or stores of this nature.
  • We sit as Directors on the following Boards - Tea Council of Canada.
    - Tea Association of the United States of America.
  • We are constantly in contact with regulatory agencies around the world with respect to tea. If there is an issue we are immediately advised and take appropriate steps to solve the problem.
  • All input sourcing for special packaging is done directly through manufacturers and not through distributors. We sell specialty tea to the following countries :

Environmental Awareness

Metropolitan Tea undertakes the following practices in its day to day operations :

a) We reuse all packaging material that is sent to us.
b) Virtually no tea is now sent to us in wooden chests. Tea chests are one time use containers and contribute to deforestation in tea producing countries.
c) Tea that we use is produced on tea gardens that conform to the lowest MRL (minimum residue levels) for approved agricultural inputs for tea. Metropolitan Tea assists our major producers in compiling MRL's from North America, Europe, UK and Australia which are then used by food scientists at Cambridge UNiversity to construct matrices identifying the lowest MRL's combined withthe least harm to the environment.

Company Practices and Policies

a) Metropolitan Tea's mission statement is:
"To give people an unparalleled tea experience"
b) Metropolitan Tea insists that its tea estates or tea gardens follow above average labor practices and have policies in place for the welfare of its employees and conduct themselves in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
c) Metropolitan Tea audits estates to ensure conformance to laws of the producing country and Metropolitan Tea's requirements.
d) All tea imported is tested for any and all contaminants by recognized agencies. Despite the fact that Health Canada and the USFDA do not require the level of testing we undertake, we continue to test our teas rigorously. To the best of our knowledge, we are one of the few tea companies in North America taking this precautionary step.
e) Metropolitan Tea's growers must display a history of above average agricultural husbandry practices. Issues considered are : shade trees, replanting and infilling, use of Guatemala grass to reduce erosion and reinvigorate the soil and other issues that minimize the impact in the environment and wildlife.

Metropolitan Tea's mission statement is:
'To give people an unparalleled tea experience'


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Food Safety
In light of recent problems with China’s food supply chain, we’d like to outline our safety policies.  Read more here.