Help the environment with Metropolitan Tea

Selling and serving loose teas can help reduce the environmental footprint of your business.

Loose teas can help the environment

Consider the following:
  • It takes 1 lb of tea to produce 200 teabags
  • 200 teabags require 200 staples, pieces of string and paper sheets (or, as is the case with many other tea companies, nylon or other synthetics)
  • 200 foil or paper over-wrap sheets
  • 200 teabags require roughly 30 seconds of machining per bag

This results in:
  • Increased shipping weights
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased natural resource consumption

When this number is multiplied by the hundreds of millions of teabags produced annually around the globe, the environmental impact is staggering.

With loose tea:
  • 1 lb produces 200 cups of tea with no added environmental cost.

We believe teabags have their place, but we also believe in offering environmentally sound options for consumers.

Loose tea has other economic benefits
  • Increased quality perception with decreased cost per serving
  • Loose tea opens up a broader range of retail options
  • Your business stands apart from your local competition

Teabags aren’t all bad!
Our teabags are constructed of 100% bio-degradable water-bleached paper. (Jets of water are used to clean the raw wood pulp instead of chlorine bleaching)

  • “Silken” triangular teabags which have grown in popularity in recent years leave an enormous environmental footprint. Is it worth it for 1 cup of tea?
  • Many other commercially available “environmentally friendly” teabags are made from corn starch. Often this corn starch has been produced by genetically modified industrial corn.

Save your taste-buds and the planet with loose premium teas!

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